Conference 2016


All the Beauty of the World.
The Western Market for non-European Artefacts (18th-20th century)

Ort: Bauakademie, Berlin

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In the wake of the Western expansion, a fast growing number of non-European artefacts entered the European market. They initially made their way into princely cabinets of curiosities. Made possible by the forced opening and exploitation of more and more parts of the world and pushed by social and technological changes of the time, the 18th century brought a boom of the market of non-European artefacts in Europe. This came along with the emergence of a broader collecting culture and the development of a rich museumscape.

This market and its development between 18th and 20th century in terms of actors and networks involved, methods and places of exchange and monetary and ideological value of the objects are in the focus of an international symposium organized by the Institute for Art History in cooperation with the Centre for Art Market Studies at Technical University Berlin, the Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine (CNRS) and the Labex TransferS (PSL) in Paris.

Convenors: Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy (TU Berlin), Dr. Charlotte Guichard (CNRS, IHMC, Paris), Dr. Christine Howald (TU Berlin)


THURSDAY, 13/10/2016

18:00 Registration

18:30 Keynote Lecture by Timothy Brook (Vancouver)
The Economy of Taste in Ming China. Buyer and Dealer in the Art and Artefact Trade (1609-1616)

19:30 Reception

FRIDAY, 14/10/2016

9:00 Registration and refreshments

9:30 Welcome by Bénédicte Savoy, Charlotte Guichard and Christine Howald

9:45 Introduction by Bénédicte Savoy and Charlotte Guichard
To Trade is to Transform. Shaping Value in a Global World

Chair: Johannes Nathan (Berlin / Potsdam / Zürich)

10:30 Noémie Etienne (Bern)
Informal Market: Transactions and Translations in Versailles (1750-1800)

11:10 Coffee break

11:40 Natasha Eaton (London)
Creating Competing Spaces for Indian Art: Mimetic Rivalry and Collecting Networks in Britain and India

12:20 Talip Törün (Bremerhaven)
Delivered Ex Ship – The German Maritime Markets for non- European Artefacts (19th century)

13:00 Lunch break

Chair: Esther Tisa Francini (Zurich)

14:30 Manuel Charpy (Lille)
Trading Places. The Exoticization of Goods in 19th century Paris, London and New York

15:10 Yaëlle Biro (New York)
Avant-Garde, Ethnography, and the 1920s Sale of John Quinn’s African Art Collection

15:50 Elodie Vaudry & Léa Saint-Raymond (Paris)
A new Eldorado: The French Market for pre-Columbian Artefacts in the Interwar Period

16.30 Coffee break

Chair: Dorothee Wimmer (Berlin)

17:00 Philip Jones (Adelaide / Australia)
Australian Aboriginal Artefacts in the International Market (1880s – 1930s)

17:40 Jonathan Fine (Berlin)
Obscured Objects of Desire: Negotiating the Paradoxes of the Art Market in Bamum (1924-1930)

18:20 John Monroe (Ames / USA)
Presumed Antique: Paul Guillaume and the Connoisseurship of African Sculpture

19:00 Close of day one

19:30 Conference dinner (all delegates)

SATURDAY, 15/10/2016

9:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Bärbel Küster (Berlin)
Reflections on the First Day

Chair: Alexander Hofmann (Berlin)

10:30 Nélia Dias (Lisbon)
Christophe-Augustin Lamare-Picquot and the Fate of his Collection: Networks, Commercial Transactions and Museums

11:10 Ting Chang (Nottingham)
Emile Guimet’s Network for Research and Collecting Asian Objects (ca. 1876-1918)

11:50 Masako Yamamoto (Kyoto / Japan)
Innovative Strategies in Dealing Japanese Art: Ikeda Seisuke, Yamanaka &Co. and their Overseas Branches (1870s– 1930s)

12:30 Lunch break

Chair: Anne-Solène Rolland (Paris)

14:00 Christine Howald (Berlin)
The Power of Pricing. The Legitimization of Chinese Looted Art on the European Market (1860-1862)

14:40 Felicity Bodenstein (Paris)
Comparing the English, German and French Art Market for Objects from the Edo Kingdom’s Treasure (1897-1932)

15:20 Final Discussion moderated by Charlotte Guichard

16:00 Coffee break

Warum ist das eigentlich hier? Über die Wege außereuropäischen Kulturguts

Moderator: Harald Asel (Inforadio|rbb)

Discussants:  Angelika Borchert  (Sinologin, Kunsthistorikerin und Kunsthandelsexpertin, Wien), Viola König (Direktorin Ethnologisches Museum SPK, Berlin), Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Kurator und Publizist, Berlin), Bénédicte Savoy (Technische Universität Berlin)

17:30 Close of the symposium

There is no fee for attendance but registration is requested. Please register with Christine Howald via email ( indicating your name and institution. 

Conference language: English (except for the final panel discussion)

Location: Bauakademie am Schinkelplatz, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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