Journal for Art Market Studies 7


The Journal for Art Market Studies (JAMS) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal for current international research on the art market of all periods. The articles are published in English.

Published by
Forum Kunst und Markt / Centre for Art Market Studies



Volume 3, Number 1, 2019

Guest Editor: Kathryn Brown

David Teniers the Younger, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm and the artist in the archducal picture gallery in Brussels (detail), 1653,  @ Wikimedia Commons, Design by Amichai Green Grafik

The seventh issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies explores intersections between politics and art markets from the first half of twentieth century to the present. Discussions range from specific policies in different political systems with diverse forms of government that have impacted, or impact, on the marketing and acquisition of art objects to broader political decisions that shape, or have shaped, background social beliefs about the value of art and its institutions.

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