Workshop 2016


Art Markets and Politics (Berlin, 04-05/11/2016)

flyerbild_4_2016Forum Kunst und Markt/Centre for Art Market Studies, Institute of Art History and Centre for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin, Room H 1035 in the Main Building of the TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin

Concept: Dr. Dorothee Wimmer (TU Berlin), Dr. Thomas Skowronek (HU Berlin/Topoi), Prof. Dr. Bénédicte Savoy (TU Berlin), assisted by Lukas Fuchsgruber M.A. (TU Berlin)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Cultural Property Protection – A Law and its Consequences
Friday, 04/11/2016
Language: German

After a controversial debate, the German “act reforming the cultural property protection legislation” has been passed and approved by the Federal Council. It has taken effect on 6th August. So what does the law actually say? What kind of art is affected by it? This panel discussion brings together experts from cultural policy, law and sciences.

18:15 Welcome
Dr. Johannes Nathan (Berlin/Potsdam/Zurich)

On the Podium
Nikolaus Bernau (Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Kilian Heck (Greifswald/Bonn)
Dr. Miriam Kellerhals (Berlin)
Dr. Maria Obenaus (Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Julia Voss (Frankfurt am Main/Berlin)

19:15 Reception

WORKSHOP: Art Markets and Politics. State Control and Trade in Global Perspective
Saturday, 05/11/2016
Languages: German and English

The fifth workshop of Forum Kunst und Markt/Centre for Art Market Studies investigates the intervention of politics into the dealings of the art trade in a global perspective: What opportunities do the art markets gain and lose in different political systems and the resulting diverse forms of government (monarchy, dictatorship, democracy etc.)? Which authorities and institutions are involved in specifying the political guidelines and measures? How are these institutions specifically involved and what are the consequences for the trade? How do the art markets react to these acts of state control and intervention?


10:00 Welcome: Bénédicte Savoy (Berlin) | Dorothee Wimmer (Berlin)
Introduction: Dorothee Wimmer (Berlin) | Thomas Skowronek (Berlin) | Lukas Fuchsgruber (Berlin)

SECTION I Governmental Structures
Moderation: Dorothee Wimmer (Berlin)

10:15 Lynn Catterson (New York)
A Dealer, the Nobility & the Art Market in Post-Unification Florence

10:45 Caroline Flick (Berlin) Lizensierung: Die Händler und die Reichskammer der bildenden Künste

11:15 Coffee Break

11:30 Emanuele Sbardella (Berlin/Rom)
Politics, Polity and Policy: Aspekte des Numismatik-Kunstmarktes im Nationalsozialismus

12:00 Lunch Break

SECTION II Legal Framework
Moderation: Thomas Skowronek (Berlin)

13:30 Léa Saint-Raymond (Paris)
The Artist’s Resale Right in France: Origins and Consequences on the Art Market

14:00 Deirdre Robson (London)
The Law of Unintended Consequences? US Federal Taxation and the Art Market

14:30 Piotr Stec | Alicja Jagielska-Burduk (Opole | Bydgoszcz)
Restitution or the Return of Cultural Objects. A Transnational Perspective

15:00 Coffee Break

SECTION III Political Systems and Transformations
Moderation: Martin Hartung (Zürich)

15:30 Meggie Morris (San Diego)
Unusual Suspects? Madrid’s Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) and Spain’s Cultural and Political Agenda in the 1980s

16:00 Ahmad Rafiei (Lubbock)
The Place of the Market in Iranian Post-Revolutionary Art

16:30 Iain Robertson (London)
United Kingdom, China and the Gulf States: The Impact of Political Systems and Ideologies on Art Markets Today

17:00 Close of the Workshop

CFP “Art Markets and Politics” 2016
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Christiane Meixner, Berlin, in: Der Tagesspiegel, 06/11/16