Johannes Nathan “AMD”

Dr. Johannes Nathan

The Art Market Dictionary – AMD

The AMD is the first encompassing dictionary on the art market and its historic development. Published in English, the AMD will provide invaluable access to information on the trade’s principal agents such as auction houses, commercial galleries, art dealers and advisors. Each entry will give brief business histories or biographies followed by notes on areas of specialization, notable clients and contacts, artists represented, principal exhibitions and outstanding transactions; where available, gallery publications and extant scholarly research will also be cited. As such the AMD will not only provide an outstanding new resource for all those seeking information on the market’s protagonists, their expertise and networks, as well as the provenance of works of art; it will also serve as an index to places where additional information on individual agents may be found (archives, libraries, databases, specialized scholars, etc.). The AMD will initially be dedicated to the art markets in Europe and North America in the 20th and early 21st centuries but will later expand to cover other periods and geographic areas. De Gruyter, a leader in the development of scholarly databases, also publishes the AKL – The Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (successor of Thieme-Becker), the world’s most complete dictionary of artists. The AMD and the AKL can build on extensive synergies and both will ideally complement each other as reference tools. The AMD will be published from c. 2018 onwards.